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"Coaching Youth and Young Adults Towards Positive Transformation"

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Our Niche:

Our Positive Influence Team has the innate ability to engage and connect with at-risk youth and young adults and shift them towards a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.  With each sustainable youth and young adult story of transformation, the community reduction in violence gains momentum 

We believe that:
  • Untapped greatness exists in our community, from youth to adults
  • Each person has their own unique gifts and talents, yet some are unaware of the gems that lie within them
  • We all win when we work together to tap into this excellence and achieve our goals and dreams

Our Seven Key Focus Areas:

  • Reducing and preventing violence
  • Developing character strengths
  • Deprogramming thinking and behavior errors
  • Increasing emotional and social skills
  • Fostering a sense of connectedness to humanity
  • Training cultural diversity towards cultural competency
  • Building community and civic engagement

Riverside Academy Students Graduating from our Violence Intervention & Prevention Program

We believe in reversing the peer pressure and the power of positive exposure.  Through mentoring, coaching and advocacy, we create a foundation for sustainable change. With a team of talented presenters, we also provide motivational speaking to plant seeds for positive change.

Stan Ross exposing youth to violence prevention and intervention at Winton Woods HS

Rosie Merkt with YouthBuild Graduate Jeremy Lundy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to influence youth and young adults to meet their goals and fulfill their dreams, while bringing out the best that is in them.



Infinity. This symbol means much to us.  We strive to have our positive influence make an impression with effects that will be felt through generations.

Join us in our vision to make a lasting difference.

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"We were deeply touched by your presentation.  It was great to be able to see some emotion from our students, your words definitely resonated with them."  Brittany Coppoolse, Job Developer, Literacy Center West

Dante Ingram speaks of transformation on WLWT

Your tax-deductible donation will help us to helps others discover the best that is in them.  As they allow their gifts and talents to be exhibited to the world, we all benefit. Now that is a win-win!          

The Positive Influence Team is a 501(c)3 organization.  Thank you for your support!

P.I.T. Crew Coaches, Mike Inman & Dante Ingram

Axiom News article highlighting Stan Ross and Dante Ingram

Commitment to Strengths Summit Runs Deep for Rosie Merkt

Axiom News article highlighting our collabortive efforts to uplift the community

Positive Influence Team field trip to Cincinnati Reds Game with CAA YouthBuild Progam

Stan Ross and Dante Ingram speak in WCPO documentary, Ten Years Later: A Changed City?

Ex-offenders as Agents of Change in Cincinnati

Positive Influence Coach, Dante Ingram, engaging students on violence prevention and intervention

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